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    THIRD ALBUM Description


    The Heavy Trash band has decided to dish out their third record offering. It was the only year ago that they have released their much awaited second album and now, they have decided to get Midnight Soul Serenade Out. This is their third album is all about making sure that the get to deliver nothing short of the good old rockabilly sound that they have since established when they have decided to put a record on the market.

    It is a good thing though that the duo is still able to deliver the rock and roll that they have been known for. They are able to successfully established some hillbilly and rockabilly sound that the very first two albums that they have successfully established since their inception in 2005.

    The duo really did hit it in stride when the decided to release their first album. Their debut has been hitting all the right notes and they have not stopped short ever since. The second released that they have come up with is nothing short of impressive and this third is exactly how they were expected to deliver- fun and pure and simple and exhilarating as any rockabilly album should be.

    They have decided to continue all the good things that they have been doing for the first two albums that they have established and this is not necessarily a bad thing. This means that listeners are getting, even more, treats when it comes to the kinds of rockabilly sounds that have since been making the duo an oasis in the forest made up of ditzy empty-headed pop sounds. If you are looking for a sound that is going to be loose as they would for rocker tunes and as spooky as the rockabilly ballad tunes are supposed to be, then this is one album that s going to take you for a ride.

    Listeners will be delighted over the fact that Verta-Ray and Spencer are able to conjure some really interesting unhinged noises from their guitars. However, in so doing, they have also remained properly bounded within the songs that they have produced. Bet thing of them all though is the fact that Spencer gas actually embraced fully the role of being that rockabilly crooner, greasy hair and all, along with the unrestrained fervor and joy that the role pertains.

    If you are a fan of the Lavern Baker, then the cover that the duo made for Bumble Bee will certainly bring about smiles. If you are hoping to hear some ode to Lux Interior, then you will find that the unhinged howls that he is making on Bedevilment are certainly going to be a pure source of entertainment.

    The best thing about the entire record is how much of a flat-out blast it is. The duo is certainly raising a ruckus while blasting some swamp blues and punk blues that are quite noisy. There is cornpone balladry to and there is also jazz poetry of the nocturnal kind. They even laid down the song that could easily have become a chart topper if it was released back in 1959. If you are looking for a good rock and roll album, you need not look very far.

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