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    FIRST ALBUM Description


    Heavy Trash, the band, is a collaboration between musicians Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray. It should be noted that these are both accomplished musicians in their own rights. In fact, their day job consists of being purveyors of the punk blues as is manifested in the Blues Explosion and in Speedball Baby.

    This is the reason why most of the people that were eagerly awaiting the output of their collaboration were actual expecting hat the result would be the same sound, infused with the punk blues that they have since been known for. Needless to say, everybody was actually treated with such a huge jolt of surprise to find that the output that the two were able to come up with was anything but.

    Of course, this is not to say that what came out of the collaboration is a sound that s nothing like the at all. in fact, one can clearly see the touches of what Spencer has since been known for. This is still that very recognizable yelping vocal that Spencer has always been known for. There is also the treat of being able to enjoy some exciting and quite stripped down the song that is all produced to be quite hooky even at the very first listen. In fact, the tracks that the album dishes out really do pack a punch- a fairy strong one as well.

    Still, one should take note that the main difference of this album from the usual works that these town musicians are often associated with is the fact that they are actually going for a sound that belongs to the rockabilly idea. More specifically, they are trying to come up with the sound that used to be associated with the early rock side of American music- something that a lot of the listening public seems to only perceive a something that has long since gone past.

    For those that want to get a glimpse of tracks that have his real impressive duck-tailed dust, The Loveless easily comes to mind. If you are into some crazed handclapping along with some hip shaking sounds topped with a shouted chorus, they are the Justine Alright and The Hump served on a platter for you.

    Of course, there are also some tracks that are served up to get some of the excitement scaled back as well. For instance, there is the country ballad Fix These Blues complete with a pedal steel. If you are looking for a doo-whopping sound complete with a lament and a spoken interlude, Take My Hand can be easily your cup of tea.

    Spencer truly is at the top of his game all throughout the record. He can be heard roping some very hilarious asides, whooping and hiccupping too, and then crooning and then howling the next moment- something that people might attribute to an unholy blend of Lux Interior, Elvis, as well as some Gene Vincent, peppered somewhere. Along with Verta-Ray, both musicians have created the rich, warm, and live songs along with the layering of the electric and acoustic guitars and percussions, add to the mix the back vocals of Christina Campenella and you are sure that you have a keeper right here.

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