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    SECOND ALBUM Description


    If there is one thing that the first album that the band has dished showed, it is that Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray were actually very natural when it comes to getting that rockabilly and honky tonk served to their listener with such a modern kick. The band is made up of Jon Spencer formerly of the Blues Explosion fame and Matt Verta-Ray of the Speedball Baby.

    The duo can be seen laying down some really hot rockabilly tunes along with some twists of honky tonk that are really more than just fitting for the modern times. If there is something that this second album has actually achieved of these two accomplished musicians, it would be the fact that it has further solidified their sound. It has done so quite convincingly too. There is also the fact that the new album has even helped immensely when it comes to getting their sound expanded. The new offering has touch rockers that will really get the grittier fans jiving and bobbing their heads off. There are a ton of dance floor fillers that will never really disappoint as far as getting those hips shaking goes. There are lonesome ballads for the incurable romantic as well.

    Many have noted that the lonesome ballad for this album, Crying Tramp, is actually a near match of the enterprise that the previous album has offered, Under to Waves. Many will really love that this second offering is certainly on par with what they have to offer concerning the first record.

    It should be noted that this second album a recorded with some help from accomplished rockers and influences in the field too. Roots rockers hailing from Canada, The Sadies, helped when it comes to the recording of the new album. The Heavy Trash also had some very much needed help from among the finest of the rock and roll bands of Denmark, namely Powersolo and Tremolo Beet Gut.

    The album has been recorded in a number of locations too. Among the most notable include the Toe rag studio if Liam Watson. It should be noted that Going Way Out is not really messing how the formula that the duo has become known for that much. What it does instead is to make the most out of the formula that they have tried out for the first- which worked extremely well for them.

    It should be noted though that Spencer is still crooning wildly in this second serving that they are offering. He is still heard muttering some hilarious aside. If anything, he has remained to behave like a guy with some lampshade stuck in his head.

    Verta-Ray is responsible for providing that swampy atmosphere that meshes all throughout the album. The other musicians that have decided to take part in its production are able to give jut about the right amount of support that is needed without coming across as overwhelming or drowning to the stars or to the songs that are being played. If you are looking for a real barn rattler, this is one album that is not going to disappoint you in the process.

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